Jeffrey Zwirn

Jeffrey Zwirn, a nationally recognized expert in fire alarms and electronic security systems, built his first alarm system at just nine years old. Zwirn had not anticipated that tinkering with his first RadioShack® electronics kit would lead to a lifelong passion— and yet it did. Now widely known as the Alarm Expert by his peers, Jeffrey Zwirn has cultivated a wide set of unique skills and specialties in the field of alarm and security science. This skill set, combined with his specialized education, skill, knowledge, training and experience, has made Jeffrey an expert in forensic litigation matters, private and public consultations, security surveys and analyses, system installations and programming, and much more.

As President of IDS Research and Development, Jeffrey Zwirn provides nationwide services to a diverse clientele. He has been designated as an Expert Instructor for the NYPD’s Crime Prevention Section’ Basic Methods of Security Course for eighteen years. He has also written examination questions for the nationally recognized Fire Alarm Certification Program for Levels I, II, II And IV in Fire Protection Engineering Technology/Fire Alarm Safety.

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